Scrap Copper Price


Australian scrap metal prices may fluctuate indefinitely according to recent market trends, and there are other determinants, like quantity of scrap, location, etc, which can influence the scrap metal pricing. It should also be noted that the scrap metal merchant you are dealing with is in the faculty of altering the scrap metal prices, too. However, with Sydney Copper Recycling, you need not worry about getting anything lesser than what you deserve. We calculate your metal scrap’s worth as per the legitimate sources and recent market pricing. Following are the estimated scrap metal prices as per the industry’s best standards. These prices may vary indefinitely, therefore, it is suggested to enquire about the prices over the phone before selling out your scrap metal.

Scrap Copper Prices Sydney

Australian Scrap Metal Prices per kilogram:

• Scrap Copper Price – $4.80 per kg
• Scrap Aluminium Price – $1.05 – $1.45
• Scrap Brass Price – $3.40
• Scrap Lead Price – $1.30
• Scrap Stainless Steel Price – $0.95
• Scrap Steel Radiators Price – $2.14

Sydney Copper Recycling always aims to offer the best price in the market, and in a bid to uphold our reputation, we can beat any written price quote throughout the Sydney area.

We Buy And Recycle The Following:

At Sydney Copper Recycling, we buy a range of buy and recycle, but are not limited to these copper scraps:

• Copper fittings
• Copper cables and wires
• Copper sheets and cladding
• Copper coils and pipes
• Copper boilers and plumbing fixtures
• Copper electrical components
• Copper pots and pans

Whether you have many industrial copper wastes or some household copper scrap metals, we are here to buy and recycle them into valuable material.

Factors That Impact Scrap Metal Prices

We at Sydney Copper Recycling are reliable and trusted scrap metal merchants in the area responsible for buying and recycling metal scraps into usable and valuable materials. Being transparent and fair is the cornerstone of our business, and we always pay you what’s reasonable for your metals. Understand the factors that impact scrap metal prices here.

Quality of Metal

The metal’s purity affects its value. Contamination and metal corrosion often make them less valuable as they take time and resources to clean and prepare for use.

Commodity Value

Since metal is a commodity, its value is often linked to primary metals like aluminium, steel and copper prices.

Market Demand

The fluctuation of scrap metal prices also is due to the changes in demand. The value will be lower if the supply is huge, but there is insufficient demand. But if, for example, you want to scrap lead which is depleting soon, it brings up the value of your scrap metal.

How to Get the Top Price of Scrap Copper?

By following some key tactics, you can maximize returns on your copper recycling efforts. Here are the top ways you can get top value for your scrap copper:

Segregate Your Copper:

Sort your copper scraps by grade and type. This is because copper comes in different grades, and keeping them separate can fetch you a higher rate.

Clean and Prep:

Remove non-metallic attachments from your copper scrap metal like plastic, rubber, or more. Clean, pure copper gives you a better price. Also, if you have painted or coated copper scraps, separate them from clean ones for the highest prices.

Lastly, choose a reputed buyer like us at Sydney Copper Recycling and get a fair and transparent value from your scrap goods.

Contact Us to Get the Most Competitive Scrap Copper Prices in Sydney

If you have scrap copper lying around, don’t let it take up space and go to waste and reach out to us. We buy scrap copper and give you top cash in exchange. As a leading company in the industry, we follow fair and transparent pricing, and we assure you get the best value. By making us your trusted partner, you earn cash from waste lying around and help the environment and avoid metals good enough to be recycled to go to landfills. Contact us today and get ready for the most competitive-priced copper scrap in Sydney.

Why Sydney Copper Recycling?

Sydney Copper Recycling has been around in metal scraping and recycling business for several years. We collect and process ferrous as well as non-ferrous metal to give them a new lease of life so that they canbe used to manufacture new products